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Corporate finance

Berney Associés assists entrepreneurs in transferring their company or in raising funds to finance their growth. Our sell-side approach is based on three main scenarios :

  • Acquisition under external growth or diversification
  • Debt or equity financing
  • Transfers within the same family, management buyouts, and divestments to trade or financial buyers

We assist established companies, entrepreneurs and investors in their growth plans through acquisitions or organic growth. Our buy-side approach is also based on three pillars :

  • The search for potential acquisition targets
  • Financial, social and tax due diligence
  • Financial engineering, tax optimisation, and negotiating transactions

As a specialist in corporate valuations, Berney Associés may be involved in independent or transactional appraisals, including :

  • Divestment, acquisition or partial acquisition (estate planning, internal or external growth)
  • Internal reporting for, legal procedures or tax issues
  • Fairness opinion

Our corporate finance and advisory team assists you in managing change on the financial, organisational and information-technology processes following an acquisition.

We can assist you in the following areas :

  • Implementation of financial reporting and accounting treatment of operations related to transactions
  • Managing organisational and information-technology change, and exit and/or build-up strategies
  • Monitoring risks linked to acquisitions, which have been identified during due diligence, and consolidating the internal auditing system.
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    Corporate restructuring, asset transfers and management buyout

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