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An internal audit for a pension institution

Field of expertise
Expertise & Advisory
Client size
> 100 people
Switzerland / Vaud / Lausanne
Internal collaborator
Roland Rueff

As part of its risk analysis, a pension institution identified and included several tasks in its audit plan. As it did not have sufficient internal resources to achieve these various objectives, and interested in using the services of an independent body, our client approached us as a specialist external firm.

In this context, we got involved in several key processes, including the valuation of surviving spouses’ pensions, construction credits and the calculation and payment of wages and benefits.

For each of these tasks, our team classified the task, defined a specific working approach according to the objective being addressed, and reported its conclusions and recommendations to the audited company as well as the supervisory authorities.

We not only assess risks for our clients, but also the pertinence of their control systems. We aim to help them ensure that their level of control is suitable for their level of risk, while maintaining the structural agility appropriate for their needs. This allows them to address economic and social issues while continuing to operate efficiently.

Roland Rueff, Partner