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Supporting a fledgling SME

Fields of expertise
  • Taxation
  • Accounting & Payroll
  • Expertise & Advisory
Client size
>10 people
Switzerland / Geneva / Geneva
Internal collaborators
  • Gregory Grieb
  • Carine Marti

One of our clients, who is passionate about endurance sports and nutrition, began developing organic energy products for athletes.

Our experts worked with the client to create and manage the business at all stages, including seeking financing, payroll management, financial planning, establishing operational and financial flows and bookkeeping. Drawing on our expertise, we made every effort to ensure that the project was a great success.

Creating a company is truly challenging. Our client took up the challenge by putting in a huge amount of personal effort, and placed a lot of trust in us. The project was truly motivating for our teams. Listening to our clients’ needs and quickly finding the right solution are values that we hold dear.

Gregory Grieb, Licensed audit expert, director