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Internal audit co-sourcing

Field of expertise
Client size
< 1'800 people
Switzerland / Geneva / Geneva
Internal collaborator
Roland Rueff

In order to ensure adequate control of its risks and control systems, an energy manager and distributor continually reviews the suitability of its monitoring system and its processes through its internal audit department, under the supervision of an audit and risks committee (made up of members of the Board of Directors).

In view of the specific skills required for some business areas, the internal audit department wanted to outsource some assignments to a specialist service provider that could offer it greater agility in terms of availability and expertise.

In this context, Berney Associés worked with this client on a review of risks and control systems, mainly in relation to governance and the management of operational and financial processes, with the help of several specialists. Roland Rueff coordinated all of the assignments and teams involved. Clément Socquet worked on the financial elements, Jean-Romain Derrinck on industrial processes and Jean-Christophe Hadorn on energy. Lastly, Raymond Coffinet worked on aspects relating to IT systems.

The variety of industrial businesses, the related political challenges and its investment capacity make this company an ideal environment to develop major structuring projects for energy management, and particularly renewable energies. Berney Associés is committed to helping strengthen the management of this change.

Roland Rueff, Partner