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Operational audit of a public institution

Field of expertise
Expertise & Advisory
Public law body
Client size
> 500 people
Switzerland / Vaud / Lausanne
Internal collaborator
Roland Rueff

A public institution and reception centre solicited our services in order to assess its entire organisational model and operating procedures, as well as its capacity to manage inflows of asylum-seekers.

Roland Rueff, Clément Socquet and Raymond Coffinet created a model based on the institution’s organisational pyramid to structure this analysis. Our experts examined the legal and regulatory basis of the structure, its strategy and tasks and the scope of its operational and support activities.

At the end of this in-depth analysis, our teams were able to put the institution’s vision, structure and processing flows and their alignment into perspective. This allowed areas for reflection to be identified, and proposals to be made for the development of the institution in terms of strategy, stronger governance, organisation and the oversight and measurement of its activities.

The nature of our client’s activities and its need to constantly adapt to changes in migrant flows taught us many things about management and organisation. It was a pleasure to work with this institution to identify anticipatory and resource-management solutions to meet the changing needs of migration in Switzerland and in the canton of Vaud.

Roland Rueff, Partner