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Accounting assistance for a banking company

Field of expertise
Accounting & Payroll
Natixis Investment Managers, Switzerland sàrl
dès 2008
Client size
<20 people
Switzerland / Geneva / Zürich
Internal collaborators
  • Claude Heri
  • Leticia Pernet

Natixis Investment Managers Switzerland is active in the banking sector and specialises in investment, asset management, insurance and financial services. We have been providing administrative, accounting, payroll and tax support to Natixis since 2008.

Our teams are in daily contact with Natixis staff in Geneva and Zurich for optimal follow-up. We make every effort to provide our client with the efficiency it requires.

Natixis needed accurate reporting every month as its transaction volumes were high. We took up the challenge, providing the highest level of responsiveness and optimising our work processes down to the last detail.

Leticia Pernet, Senior accountant, proxyholder