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Help with selecting an integrated management software package

Field of expertise
Expertise & Advisory
Client size
12 to 15 people
Switzerland / Vaud / Gland
Internal collaborators
  • Roland Rueff
  • Raymond Coffinet

A company specialised in manufacturing and distributing industrial mortars and tiles wanted to replace the software for its operational activities. The main reason for this decision was that the existing solution was obsolete and there were some functional gaps.

In this context, the company called on us to assess its business needs and appraise the suitability of the software packages chosen. To help our client in this process, Roland Rueff and Raymond Coffinet sequenced their analysis in several stages.

Our experts first examined the company’s business needs (present, future and underlying) at the functional, technical and organisational levels. Based on this information, they then drew up and submitted a set of specifications broken down by process. Using this analysis they were then able to study reviews and offers, coordinate and conduct demos for the software packages chosen and assess these solutions appropriately.

The assessment made ahead of this operational change — in addition to the mutual trust and high-quality relationship between our client and our team — enabled us to quickly identify one of the main objectives right at the start of the assignment: the administrative and logistical processes had to be automated, while meeting the quality standards required by the ISO certifications.

Roland Rueff, Partner