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Let us surprise you

At Berney Associés, we can bring to life all of your projects, even the most ambitious. Our deeply personalised approach guides you towards success in your personal and professional pursuits. We seek out creative, innovative, and high-performance solutions for you. Our relationship with you is based on trust that lasts from generation to generation.


hours of work completed by our employees in 2022


transactions of acquisitions, financing or transfer of business successfully completed by our Corporate Finance department in 2022


was the year in which Berney Conseil, the founding entity of the Group, was created by Charles Berney


Sport is the ultimate symbol of going beyond one’s limits and has always been highly valued within Berney Associés. As sponsors of sports teams and holders of the Swiss Olympic label, we also participate in corporate football tournaments, offer group running training to our employees and reimburse their registration fees in any sports competition in Switzerland – we do our utmost for our employees to excel.


Finding pleasure is part of our corporate philosophy. This includes the pleasure of learning, discovering and exploring new horizons. To develop our curiosity and openness to the world, we actively support many cultural events and projects, with a focus on promoting talented artists, young Swiss photographers in particular.


The values we nurture at Berney Associés bring our employees together and reflect the philosophy that we have embraced. Our community spirit is reflected on a daily basis in our relationships with our clients, suppliers and business partners. Outside of our professional circle, we support many associations and foundations in various fields of activity in Geneva and Switzerland.

The team

At Berney Associés, you will be directly in touch with our management team to help you realize all your projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

  • Hikmet Ayan


    Hikmet Ayan is a certified public accountant with 15 years’ experience in auditing, business management and accounting and tax advisory services. He assists our clients with accounting and tax issues, mainly in the Fribourg region.

  • Charles Berney


    Charles Berney has several decades of experience. He is regularly called upon for his knowledge of the region’s economic fabric and for his expertise and experience, particularly with regard to strategy, company transfer issues and corporate governance.

  • Frédéric Berney

    Partner, CEO

    A licensed auditor, certified public accountant and HEC graduate from the University of St Gallen, Frédéric Berney acquired extensive experience in auditing, advisory, corporate finance and corporate governance in Geneva and Zurich.

  • Laurent Berney


    Thanks to his experience and the quality of the relationships he has built over time with his clients, Laurent Berney has developed an analytical spirit which enables him to take a balanced approach to all aspects of a business and the people who manage it.

  • Sébastien Bron


    Accounting department manager

    Sébastien Bron, a licensed auditor and certified public accountant, has been advising our clients for more than 20 years. He specialises in accounting and the auditing of corporate and parent-company accounts, subsidised institutions and public entities.

  • François Chevalley


    Legal department manager

    François Chevalley has substantial experience in the areas of incorporation, real estate, contract law, company law and compulsory enforcement.

  • Christian Duc


    Tax department manager

    Christian Duc, a qualified tax expert, has been working with our clients for many years in relation to the Swiss taxation system and tax planning and optimisation during corporate restructuring and due diligence projects.

  • Sébastien Germanier


    Diplômé HES, Sébastien Germanier est expert-comptable diplômé et expert-réviseur agréé. Depuis près de 20 ans, il conseille une clientèle composée aujourd’hui majoritairement d'entrepreneurs en Valais.

  • Gregory Grieb


    Audit department manager

    Gregory Grieb, a licensed auditor and certified public accountant, audits the financial statements of companies operating in the industrial and financial sectors, listed companies, pension institutions and non-profit foundations.

  • Claude Heri


    Lausanne branch manager

    Claude Heri, who has been auditing the financial statements of industrial, service, parapublic and listed companies for more than 25 years, now oversees the audit department of our Lausanne branch.

  • Philippe Joerg


    The manager of the Expertise & Advisory department, Philippe Joerg has been working with clients for more than 20 years on tax and corporate finance assignments, particularly in the context of appraisals and company transfer issues.

  • Raphaël Leveau


    With nearly 15 years’ experience in corporate finance and auditing, Raphaël Leveau mainly works in mergers and acquisitions (buying and selling), business valuation and due diligence.

  • Franco Luvisotto


    With nearly 30 years’ experience in auditing and accounting, Franco Luvisotto works on auditing assignments, including for public, parapublic and subsidised institutions.

  • Cosimo Picci


    Cosimo Picci has more than 30 years’ experience in auditing. He specialises in the industrial sector, trading entities and service companies. He coordinates international assignments and is involved in due diligence and expert reports.

  • Roland Rueff


    Roland Rueff serves as joint manager of the Expertise & Advisory department and manager of the IT department. During his 25 years of experience, he has specialised in executing complex assignments, IT systems auditing and strategy implementation.

  • Dominique Seydoux


    Dominique Seydoux is a licensed auditor and certified public accountant with more than 40 years’ experience. He works in the Fribourg region on auditing and accounting and tax management assignments in the context of corporate M&A.

  • Ivan Sierro


    Ivan Sierro has been working with our clients for nearly 40 years in corporate governance. He helps them to address their challenges as entrepreneurs, advises them with regard to financial management, and finds the right solutions for their needs.

  • Patrick Tyrrell


    Patrick Tyrrell, a graduate of the University of London and a certified enrolled agent, has been working on taxation issues for more than 25 years with a client base mainly composed of expatriates, advising them on how to optimise their situation.

  • Diana Veiros Antonijevic

    HR manager

    With more than eight years’ experience in human resources, including with multinationals, Diana Veiros has developed skills in personnel management, recruitment and advising on employment law.

  • Lucien Zanella


    A licensed auditor and certified public accountant with a bachelor’s degree in commercial and industrial sciences, Lucien Zanella relies on his many years of experience and his knowledge of business management, tax matters and auditing to advise our clients.